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Maiden's Stud Earrings (Sterling Silver)

Maiden's Stud Earrings (Sterling Silver)


Infuse elegance into your jewelry collection with our Maiden's Earrings.


Handcrafted in New Zealand using recycled bullet casings, these earrings seamlessly merge sophistication and sustainability. Each pair is meticulously designed to accentuate the casing's distinct beauty, resulting in a genuinely unique accessory.


Their sleek, contemporary design makes them a versatile choice, suitable for every occasion - whether you're glamming up for a special event or enhancing your everyday look.





  • Caring for Brass

    Brass does tarnish when exposed to oxygen. This is similar to all metals. Brass can easily be bought back to life with a product such as brasso from the supermarket.

    A gentle rub on a rag in a well ventlated space does the trick.

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